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Websites What to find Notes tips for writing left-hand/ right-hand column cases; example; tips for learning groups; essays and articles on action research books and articles site of the Reflection Learning Associates (named site is partly under construction; order the Field Manual for a Learning Historian here working papers of MIT Sloan School of Management lots of downloads overview of books and articles of Jeff Gold, about changing organizations by storytelling 4 books and 12 journal articles example of a learning history in two column structure short story instruction on drawing Causal Loop Diagrams more methods on other pages of Pegasus download free software program Vensim PLE for constructing Causal Loop Diagrams and tree diagrams basic version is free only for personal and educational use; other versions purchasable articles on learning histories Society for Organizational Learning, good search engine, lots of stuff Sol in the Netherlands fractal of Society for Organizational Learning online encyclopaedia to explore informal education and lifelong learning; thinkers, theories an themes; archives of key texts and reports try for instance Kolb, Argyris, Roth, Klein; very helpful site for exploring theories theory, designs, instruments, information sources on participative change  my homepage in Dutch (English version is under construction) principles, large group intervention methods; training in facilitating  an online guide for participative change with the whole system all about Open Space Technology all about The World Café method and recipes Very nice site, with a lot of information and tools. read about the learning trajectory of PSO, organization for capacity building in developing countries experiences with learning histories