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Learning Histories in learning and change projects Gerhard Smid e.a. with cooperation of Tonnie van der Zouwen stories of Learning History projects with different goals and designs; reflection on the method Book Intervening and Changing, chapter 5,
Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-51201-2

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Learning Histories in leer- en verandertrajecten Gerhard Smid e.a. met medewerking van Tonnie van der Zouwen Dutch version of article above Journal Management & Organisatie, nr. 3/4
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Field manual for a learning historian Art Kleiner & George Roth step by step manual for planning and directing the making of a learning history; background information on the method

first chapter available at

Learning in performance: How a Dutch company transformed itself Philip H. Mirvis, Kara Ayas, George L. Roth the making of a learning history of Unox; imperatives and critical elements Reflections, Volume 2, number 4
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To the desert and back Philip H. Mirvis, Kara Ayas, George L. Roth the story of the transformation of a Dutch Unilever company

download article "Learning in performance: How a Dutch company transformed itself" (pdf 1544 kb);

Wiley, ISBN 0-7879-6677-0 2003
Developing organizational memory through learning histories George Roth, Art Kleiner three imperatives for organizational self-knowledge; themes from learning histories; reflections on the method Organizational Dynamics, autumn 1998 1998
Raadsgriffiers maken geschiedenis Gerhard Smid, Vittorio Busato verhalen van en voor bestuurlijke vernieuwing in gemeenten Van Gorcum, ISBN 90-232-4237-8 2006
Wissenentwicklung und Wissensmanagement in Beratungsnetzwerken Gerhard Fatzer & Sabrina Schoefer Ein Forschungsbericht zur Learning History des Organizational Learning Center (OLC) und der Society of Organizational Learning SoL-USA Article in the journal Profile 8.04

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Changing conversations in organizations Patrica Shaw a complexity approach to change; based on theory of complex responsive processes Routledge, ISBN 0-415-24914-7 2002
Group Model Building Jac Vennix Facilitating team learning using system dynamics Wiley, ISBN 0-471-95355-5 1996
Doing Naturalistic Inquiry David Erlandson et all A guide to methods of qualitative research, based upon the work of Guba & Lincoln Sage, ISBN 0-8039-4938-3 1993
Handbook of Action Research
Participative Inquiry & Practice
edited by Peter Reason & Hilary Bradbury more than 60 contributors to get a "way about" in the rich landscape of participative inquiry ISBN 0-7619-6645-5 2001
Sensemaking in organizations Karl Weick theory on sensemaking of experiences as an ongoing, retrospective  process of creating reality Sage Publications, ISBN 0-8039-7177 1995