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The Learning Lab on the process  of learning histories started in Vienna at the Sol Global Forum 2005.
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Intro: Why learning histories?
"How do we do things in this organization, and how can we innovate what we are doing?" Important questions. Looking back can be very helpful in finding some answers. To build new perspectives and find ways for new strategies. However, in my experience most organizations are poorly equipped for reflection. In most business, historical accounts are suspect. People don't want to know what happened, they want to know what to do next.

Making a learning history together with people of the organization is a process of creating collective memory and of sensemaking. It stimulates reflection in a natural way: by story telling, and looking for emerging patterns in the stories.

The learning history method has high potentials for variations and improvisations. On this website I want to explore the use and value of learning histories, offering you information about the process of making a learning history, different methods for analyzing information, creative forms for presentation,  stories about developing strategies, and experiences with this method.

Since I'm interested in methods to enhance reflection in organizations I gathered a lot of information on learning histories and other participatory approaches. See sources for downloads and links. I invite you to visit the virtual learning lab, to contribute to discussion, reflections and experiences. Please contact me if we you think we can carry this on together.

An online "book " about learning histories, to learn from past experiences, for the future of your organisation.



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