Methods for events: Large Group Interventions

A Large Group Intervention can be used to present, discuss, validate and/ or develop the Learning History. It can also be a powerful method to come to new actions, in real time. I think the combination of the steps of the Learning History, see stages, and one or more events based on principles of Large Group Interventions brings more satisfying results. It creates opportunities to come to new conversations, new actions, strategic choices. This is based on the principle to invite a wide variety of people, if possible everyone who is part of "the system in focus", and to create a setting that crosses boundaries between hierarchical levels and between teams.

The family of Large Group Interventions comprises a wide variety of methods. Some of them with detailed prescriptions for the design (like the Future Search), some very open (like Open Space) and everything in between. Together with my colleagues Eva van der Fluit and Mark de Koning, I organise facilitator courses, closely linked to daily practice of the participants. Interested? Please see

Large Group Interventions methods that can be of value in a Learning History process are: Open Space, The World Café and Real Time Strategic Change. Those in particular, because they have:

  • Flexibility in format, to fit the process and goals for the learning history
  • Relatively short preparation time
  • Possibility to restrict duration to half a day (no obligation to have one or more time consuming conferences of  3 days ore more)
  • Stimulating conversations, reflections and actions

For more information on these methods and the principles of Large Scale Interventions I recommend visiting the following websites: 


Participant of a try-out of a World Café in a training for facilitators: "We know each other by name and function, but we never talked about our concerns and ideas on dealing with this issue. We should do this more often"


News centre and bulletin board Open Space