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Group Model Building

Group Model Building is a method for analyzing data with a group of people, preferably people involved in the issue at stake. In one or more sessions a model is build of "the situation" in the form of Causal Loop Diagrams (CLDs). The dynamic patterns, the relations between crucial factors in this issue are pictured while talking and analyzing. It results in new insights, possible new strategies or scenarios. A facilitator who has experience with the method helps the group to build the model, not making any remarks to the content.

More important than the model is the process of the making of it together. Mutual understanding of meanings is build, while deconstructing terms and notions, thus making sense of experiences. In looking for observables, noticeable factors and talk about there relevance. For instance, the facilitator asks: What do you mean by "the atmosphere in our meetings is bad"? What happens there, what do you see/ hear/ feel? In fact I see Group Model Building as another form of story telling.

In the process of making a Learning History, a Group Model Building session can start with reading a concept learning history, or even an unsorted pile of interviews, facts and narratives. The outcomes of the session are used to continue the story, or for validating. A session can also be used as strategic conversation, after a Learning History is finished, in decision-making. Read more about Group Model Building in the book of Jac Vennix

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a group model building session


example of a model