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Wissenentwicklung und Wissensmanagement in Beratungsnetzwerken
Gerhard Fatzer & Sabrina Schoefer Ein Forschungsbericht zur Learning Historyhttp://taxibotax.texel.com/ des Organizational Learning Center (OLC) und der Society of Organizational Learning SoL-USA Article in the journal Profile 8.04



The learning history project
MIT: Art Kleiner & George Roth first chapter of the field manual for the learning historian description of possible steps ?
The learning historian
MIT what is a learning historian, what does he/she do, how much will it cost download from Solonline, working paper ?
Learning histories: Using documentation to assess and facilitate organizational learning
(pdf 3158 kb)
George Roth extensive description of the method, its history, field experiences download working paper MIT


Learning about organizational learning: creating a learning history
George Roth & Art Kleiner the stance of a learning historian; steps to make; example of a learning history working paper 1995
Learning Histories; a handbook for an exciting experience
(pdf 121 kb)
Compiled by Toelis Tekst & Publicaties in association with Kessels & Smit desciption of backround, value and steps to make a learning historie, with the aid of journalists download from the website of PSO Capacitiy building in developing countries; see the learning zone of PSO on www.pso.com 2004
Integrity, completeness and comprehensiveness of the learning environment
(pdf 140 kb)
Jan Visser,   meeting the basic learning needs of all throughout life; Unesco Development Institute
Learning histories on curriculum innovation in vocational education and training
(pdf 55 kb))
Danny Wildemeersch & Henk Ritzen   Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 2004
The learning initiative at the AutoCo Epsilon program, 1991-1994
(pdf 212 kb)
George Roth, Art Kleiner the learning history of a industrial company nice example of a complete document 1996
Learning histories: a new tool for turning organizational experience into action
George Roth, Art Kleiner; editor Suzy Wetlaufer short description of the method, with an example of left-hand/right-hand columns working paper 1997
Recipes and reflective learning: "What would prevent you from saying it that way?"
(pdf 132 kb)
Robert Putnam about model I and model II, based on the work of Chris Argyris and Donald Schön  essay originally published as a chapter in Donald A. Schön (ed.), The Reflective Turn: Case studies in and on Educational Practice; now on website www.actiondesign.com 1991
Double-Loop Learning Teaching, and Research (pdf 158 kb) Chris Argyris case description, conversations in Model I and Model II Academy of Management, Volume 1, Number 2 2002
The learning story of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (pdf 121 kb) Stephanie Pace Marshall new design principles for learning; example of a learning history Source: www.learndev.org


Listening to ordinary people
(pdf 123 kb)
Alain de Vulpian principle lines of the book in which de Vulpian examines humanity's ongoing process of civilisation; paper prepared for the Sol Global Forum 2005 in Vienna gives insight in why participative change methods are required in our transforming civilisation 2005
Learning for a small planet; a research agenda (pdf 692 kb) Etienne Wenger extensive description of a research project to develop social learning theory for the 21th century Source: www.ewenger.com


Highlights from Doing Naturalistic Inquiry
(pdf 77 kb)
Tonnie van der Zouwen summary, features and quality criteria of Naturalistic Inquiry Book Doing Naturalistic Inquiry 2004